Pros and cons of Bluehost Hosting Service


General info

Bluehost is one of the twenty largest web hosting companies, founded in 2003.

It is part of a family that includes FastDomain and HostMonster. Bluehost Hosting Service hosts about one and half million domains. It is well-known for sharing inexpensive hosting options. This results that each freshman blogger recommends it as go-to option. The good thing over Bluehost is that it is affordable and very quick for use


Pros of using Bluehost Hosting Service

Bluehost has great popularity for the reason it is one of the inexpensive options available. Of course, you can find other companies which provide cheaper hosting services, but Bluehost has a good price compared with other most popular web-hosting companies.

The other good thing of Bluehost Hosting Service is that it is very easy to use and covers all the primary bases you will need.

Bluehost Hosting Service offers a great variety of discounts. If you decide on enrolling for two or three-year system, you can get in use of big discounts. You can also have $3.95 per month rate service, if you enroll more than three years.


Another attractive factor over Bluehost Hosting Service is its great customer support. They offer whole day telephone support, online chat and ticket based system, which is very helpful especially for beginners. The friendly and trained experts of Bluehost Hosting Service offer professional and skillful solutions to any technical problem you come across. The telephone support of the company is toll-free within the US and there exists a second number for non-US customers. Bluehost Hosting Service provides excellent uptime in testing, which is an important element of the Web hosting experience. Bluehost Hosting Service offers wide range of Web hosting options, as well.


Cons of using Bluehost Hosting Service

However, Bluehost Hosting Service has some drawbacks. For example, their interface is not user friendly and is hard to use. Besides, Bluehost Hosting Service does not provide users with month-to-month shared hosting plan. You only have an opportunity to register for a yearly plan. The other not satisfying thing about Bluehost Hosting Service is the migration fee’ they charge for moving the existing site from its current location to the Bluehost Hosting Service, and what’s more, they are not able to transfer more than five sites and twenty email accounts. The difficulties with this transferring service impede customers from being loyal to their services.

Bluehost Hosting SEO services, backup services, SiteLock and domain services are non-refundable, which makes Bluehost Hosting Services hard for use.



So, Bluehost Hosting Service is a web hosting company which provides low rate but average hosting options.